Silent Vocies

Delving into Murder in Silent Voices

Jenny Lister appears perfect. She looks good, even younger than her forty-one years, is a respected social worker, and has a great relationship with her daughter, but everything isn’t as it seems because someone murdered her.

The Peculiar Crimes Unit

London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit is a special police force meant to handle cases that might involve national scandal or create public unrest but it seems these cases are also well…peculiar.

Tasteful Words in The Language of Food

Ketchup seems like the all-American condiment, but it did not originate here, and the first clue is the name because it’s Chinese. Ketchup’s journey goes across oceans and involves multiple foods to become the tomato sauce we know today. Its story…

Cowards and Heroes in The Prince of Fools

Jalen may be a prince, but he is also a cheat, a coward, and a womanizer who is often trying to escape an angry father or brother. Despite Jal’s desire to continue his life of leisure, stories of a dead army in the north threaten…

Murder at Honeychurch Hall

The Cozy Mystery, Murder at Honeychurch Hall

Kat’s practical father has recently died, and her mother Iris is finally free to do what she wants. It seems that Iris has gone wild and bought a car and purchased the run down carriage house at Honeychurch Hall. The house is in a terrible state with repairs that will cost thousands…

The Black Hour

Shooting on campus in The Black Hour

Sociology Professor Amelia Emmet has just returned battered and barely recovered to college where she had been shot by a student. The walls were repainted and the carpeting replaced, but her mind could not forget or understand the shooting…

Occupied New York in The Scent of Death

It is the Revolutionary War and the British occupy New York City. Packed not only with loyalist who have fled other parts of the country and prisoners of war, the city seethes with the danger and fear from threats of war and espionage.

Blood and Iron

Magic and Intrigue in Blood and Iron

Horace was in a warship bound to fight in the crusades when a storm shipwrecks him on his enemy’s beach. There he is captured and doomed to a life in slavery until during a storm magical abilities unknown to Horace surface. With the discovery of his powers…

The New John Muir and the Ice that Started a Fire

2014 is the one hundredth anniversary of John Muir’s death, who is well known for his influence in establishing the National Parks, but his interest in the natural world was all encompassing. Starting in 1879 Muir traveled to Alaska igniting…

The Troop

Death Arrives in The Troop

Scoutmaster Tim and his troop of five young teenage boys went on their annual hiking trip. The boys were all different from popular to nerd, but over the years they had worked out a way to get along though sometimes at one another’s expense.


Horror with an Attitude in Poe

Twenty-one year old Dimitri Petrov dropped out of college after his parents were killed and now works for a dying newspaper writing obituaries. On Halloween he is sent on assignment to a séance at the Aspinwall Mansion, an abandoned home with rumors of ghosts. It seems like a joke, but things quickly turn…

A Supernatural Celebration in Halloween

Every Halloween this little town has a secret ritual where everyone gathers around a scarecrow and those who have died within the last year are called. One of the recently departed will animate the scarecrow and answer questions from beyond in “We, The Fortunate Bereaved” by Brian Hodge. This short story is…