Hidden Selves in Unbecoming

Grace is hiding from her past living in Paris under an assumed name and working at a small shop restoring antiques. While Grace has been in France her husband was in Tennessee prison for burglary. After he was arrested Grace cut off all contact with him, even though the burglary was her idea and he used her plan for the break in.

Lost Under A Ladder

Superstition and Murder in Lost Under a Ladder

Rory Chasen’s fiancé died after walking under a ladder, and Rory needs to find out if ignoring the superstition killed him. To find the truth she travels with her dog Pluckie to Destiny a little town where it seems everyone believes in superstitions, and as luck would have it Rory and Pluckie soon discover an unconscious woman, Martha, and save her life.

The Thief and the Dragon in Owl and the Japanese Circus

Owl was once a promising archaeology student until she was forced out of the university. Without her career and unsure what to do she became an antiquities thief and has built up a reputation for delivering the goods. During those years she has followed the one rule to stay away from the supernatural. Unfortunately her rule hasn’t always worked…


Trusting strangers in Ghostheart

Anne O’Neill has a weak spot and it is her father. He died when she was a child and she knows very little about him, and though she has friends and a book store she still feels like there is something missing in her life. Then on a seemingly ordinary day a man enters her bookstore claiming to be her father’s oldest friend.

Surviving Invasion in Avenue of Spies

June 1940 marked the beginning of the occupation of Paris by the Germans during World War II and of the terrible war years that followed as Parisians were subject to harsh laws, retaliation, and food shortages that bordered on starvation. The French Resistance fought back and recruited…

Villa America

Love and Marriage in Villa America

The Lost Generation and the expats living in Europe between the wars is something of legend with their experiments in art and life. Sara and Gerald Murphy were a real couple whose home was called the Villa America, which became a stopping place for F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Cole Porter, and including other celebrities of the time.

A War Torn Fantasy World in Of Bone and Thunder

The Kingdom is at war in a distant land filled with dense jungles and where the Kingdom’s soldiers battle an unseen enemy who seems to attack at will. The enemy’s magic is unknown and their guerrilla warfare is making the Kingdom’s soldiers disillusioned as they struggle…

The Simmering Thriller Bull Mountain

In the mountains of Northern Georgia the Burroughs family through the generations have made their living first by selling moonshine to the present day as drug dealers, but Clayton Burroughs turned his back…

In the Company of Sherlock Holmes

A Collection of Murders In the Company of Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Watson is called away from Sherlock Holmes to attend a beaten man who had his painting stolen. Upon Watson’s return, Holmes is intrigued by the case and soon the game is afoot in the short story “The Curious Affair of the Italian Art Dealer” by Sara Paretsky. This story is from…

Pirate Hunters

A Treasure Hunt in Pirate Hunters

The fantasy about finding a sunken pirate ship and its treasure may almost be an impossible dream, but when the opportunity to search for a pirate ship came up John Chatterton and John Mattera decided to risk danger…

Saint Mazie

An Ordinary Hero in Saint Mazie

Mazie Phillips Gordon was not rich or lived a perfect life, but that didn’t stop her from helping the homeless men in the Lower East Side during the Depression. She was profiled in an article in the New Yorker by Joseph Mitchell that inspired bestselling author Jami Attenberg to write a novel based on Mazie.

Ruined Abbey

Time does not heal all wounds in The Ruined Abbey

Father Brennan Burke received a shocking phone call from London: his sister has been arrested and is accused of being a member of the Irish Republican Army. Brennan leaves his New York Parish to go and help his sister, but after his arrival the trouble…