An Improbable Life in The Immortal Irishman

Thomas Francis Meagher had many lives. He was a dashing young speaker before he was a convict in Tasmania. Then he would reemerge in United States becoming a general in the Civil War and eventually the acting governor of Montana Territory before his mysterious death.

Out of the Blues

A New Detective in Out of the Blues

Years earlier the death of a blues musician was ruled an accidental drug overdose, but the case was reopened when new evidence emerged. Convicted felon Curtis Stone is trying to shorten his sentence in exchange for testimony that the musician was actually murdered. To check Stone’s story homicide detective Sarah “Salt” Alt is given the case…

The End of Innocence in Black Rabbit Hall

Lorna knew as soon as she saw the photo of Black Rabbit Hall that she wanted her wedding there because it reminded her of the house she and her mom visited when she was a child. Her fiancé isn’t sure about the manor because of its poor condition, but Lorna believes that the manor is somehow connected…

Eureka: How Invention Happens

The Road to Success in Eureka: How Invention Happens

Ever hear of Sir George Cayley born 1773 or Perry Pilcher or even Otto Lilienthal who wanted to make gliding a widespread hobby? All of these men in one way contributed to the invention of the Wright Brothers eureka moment when finally everything came together for a successful flight.

Murder Most Malicious

Two Worlds and Murder in Murder Most Malicious

This is the first Christmas after the Great War, and at Foxwood Hall Phoebe Renshaw and her family are celebrating the holiday and trying to forget the painful memories from the war. Unfortunately, the holiday gathering is shattered when the Marquis of Allerton disappears and then his finger is discovered in a gift for the lady’s maid, Eva Huntford.

The Gold Eaters

Greed and Conquest in The Gold Eaters

Waman was a young man full of hope, but his dreams for the future were abruptly changed when he was kidnapped by Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro. The Spaniard’s desire for gold led him to the shores of the Inca Empire, and he needs an interpreter, so Waman is forced…

Murder in the Mountains in Killing Trail

Deputy Mattie Cobb and her police dog, Robo, make up the K-9 unit for the Timber Creek County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado. Mattie and Robo are untried since they had just finished their training, but when there is suspicious activity in the mountains, the sheriff needs their help…

This is Your Life, Harriet Chance!

Life’s Journey in This is Your Life, Harriet Chance!

Harriet Chance’s husband recently died but before his death he entered a contest for an Alaskan cruise. Harriet who had no idea about the contest was surprised to discover that she was the winner. At first she’s reluctant to go, though finally she decides to go with her best friend, Mildred. It seems that this might be a great adventure, until…

Walking the Kiso Road

It’s the Journey in Walking the Kiso Road

The Kiso Road of Japan is over a thousand years old and runs through the Japanese Alps whose beauty has inspired both poets and artists. The travelers going on foot or by horse have included warlords and merchants to the common person. William Scott Wilson who has traveled the road…

Dog On It

The Dog tells the story in Dog on It

The partnership of the Little Detective agency is made up of two: Bernie the human, and Chet the dog. They make a great team since Bernie knows about people things while Chet uses his dog senses to sniff out clues. Their skills are tested…

Memories of Murder in Trust No One

Jerry Grey remembers murdering a woman and freely confesses his guilt until he is reminded that he’s actually remembering one of the plots to his books. Jerry was a writer until early onset dementia ended his career, and lately he has trouble remembering the difference between the stories from his books and real life or is he?