Hidden Needs and Brutal Murder in The Dark Winter

It’s Christmas time in Hull, England and the threat of snow is in the air, but the real danger is not from the weather but from a killer or killers after a string of murders. There is no obvious link between the crimes- the only survivor of a shipwreck from forty years ago is found dead in a lifeboat, a teenage girl from Africa is hacked to death, and a suspected arsonist is murdered and burned.

Falsehoods and Lies in The Imposter Bride

In the chaos during the final months of World War II, a woman stole the identity of a dead young woman named Lily Azerov. This woman took on Lily’s life and entered into an arranged marriage contract with Sol Kramer in Canada. On her arrival, Sol rejected her, though his brother Nathan, enthralled with the mysterious Lily, married her. Lily could only maintain the lie of her stolen identity for a short time before it became clear that she was not the real Lily. In the face of the truth and painful memories, she disappeared…

The Homage To the Eagle in An Eternity of Eagles

The eagle conjures up many different images from an aggressive predator to its astonishing beauty in flight. The interaction between eagles and humans has occurred for centuries, and noted author and naturalist, Stephen J. Bodio has written a book about these extraordinary birds that also includes the bird’s relationship with people…


An Unsettling Web of Stories in Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales

Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales is a collection of interwoven short stories where each story relates and flows into other stories creating a continuous storyline but from different perspectives. These stories are gothic but not graphic, disturbing but not frightening, and they are also haunting and clever. Some of the characters include a cabaret singer whose heart is outside her body…


Stuart Neville’s Latest Thriller, Ratlines

It’s 1963 which was less than twenty years after World War II, but former members of the Third Reich are being murdered in Ireland with three killings in less than two weeks. The government is concerned that there will be more killings so Albert Ryan in intelligence is assigned to the case, and soon Ryan is in contact with Colonel Otto Skorzeny who has been given a threatening note from the killer or killers. Skorzeny is a wealthy, dangerous…

The School of Essential Ingredients

Friendship and Food from the Novels of Erica Bauermeister

Lillian’s restaurant is known for its delicious food, but the restaurant is also a magnet for bringing people together. Once a month, a class of only eight students meet and learn about the art of cooking, though their journey in the class is more than culinary. Each of the students has a story…

Range of Ghosts

An Empire Crumples in Range of Ghosts

With the death of Mongke Khagan a huge power vacuum was created across the steppes as civil war broke out between the heirs of the Khagan. Temur is one of the rightful heirs that once numbered a hundred, but the civil war between the heirs has taken a toll, and only a handful of the heirs remain. Temur, who has barely survived one of the battles, must flee a ruthless uncle who is determined to kill all the other heirs and take the throne.

Maisie Dobbs

The Acclaimed Maisie Dobbs Series

Maisie Dobbs was born in England before World War I when the roles between the landed gentry and the servants were strict and the lower classes were supposed to know their place. Maisie was a maid but her intelligence caught the attention of her employer Lady Rowan. Luckily for Maisie, Lady Rowan ignored convention and became Maisie’s sponsor guiding her to an education, but just as Maisie began college World War I started halting her education and changing both Maisie and England.

The Little Red Guard

A Memoir from China, The Little Red Guard

In the midst of the Cultural Revolution in China, the government was banning many of the traditional practices like burials and coffins, though Wenguang Huang’s grandmother wanted her family to defy the ban and plan a traditional funeral complete with a coffin for her death. At the time their grandmother’s health was fine but she was obsessed with her mortality and funeral…

Hush Money

Murder: From Horses to Humans in Hush Money

Sydney Everett is a rich widow often with a drink in her hand and enough plastic surgery to knock off a decade her age (at least in low lighting); she also has a very expensive champion show horse, Hush Puppy, that has died under questionable circumstances and may have been killed.


Vacations in a Nightmare World from the Latest Novel by Matthew Costello

The world changed after massive crop failures and starvation. Only patches of civilization exist that are fenced in and protected from the new greatest threat to humanity- other changed humans. No one knows how it happened, but it was like a switch was thrown and these humans or “Can Heads” started eating other humans. The Can Heads aren’t stupid but can be cunning and trick the unchanged humans into traps. Civilization is teetering on the brink as the Can Heads seem to be gaining ground…

Death Along Spirit Road

Lakota FBI Agent Manny Tanno in Spirit Road Mystery Series

Manny Tanno left the Pine Ridge Reservation years ago, leaving behind memories and the heartache from his older brother, Reuben’s incarceration. Tanno could never understand why Reuben killed Billy Two Moons, but his brother’s confession had ended Tanno’s worship of his older brother which made it easier to leave and not look back. Tanno thought he would never return to Pine Ridge but another murder has brought him home.