The Silence

The Hauntings in The Silence

Aunt Charlotte has died and her home, Stilter House, is filled with antiques that need to be catalogued and sold. Antique dealer, Nell West, has been asked to go to the house and stay while she inventories the antiques, but Nell is unaware that the house has an unsavory past. For years there were rumors of ghosts and strange happenings at Stilter House especially since the house…

The Classic Horror Stories

H.P. Lovecraft’s Weird Fiction

In the 1920’s and 1930’s the Cthulhu mythos emerged from the stories of H. P. Lovecraft. This mythos was a mixture of horror and science fiction with ancient cults that inhabit the shadows of the world bent on bringing back “the Old Ones” that were both alien and frightening. These weird tales are famous for their unimaginable horrors, buildings and creatures that defy logic, and truths that unhinge the human mind.

Wide Open

Ghosts and Murder in Wide Open

Sergeant Hallie Michaels’s sister, Dell, has died, and Hallie is suddenly plucked out of Afghanistan and put on a plane headed home with no time to decompress from the war that still echoed in her head. Upon her arrival to South Dakota her childhood friends picked her up at the airport, but there was also someone else waiting- Dell’s ghost.

The Rosie Project

DNA and Love in The Rosie Project

Don Tillman has never had a second date, though he seems like quite a catch. He’s a brilliant professor of genetics, athletic, cooks and has his own apartment, but he has a problem relating to people. He takes everything too literally even going as far as watching a clock to give someone a minute when they ask for one. He’s obsessed with routines, details, and evidenced-based thinking which is great for science but not relationships. So his solution to finding a wife is to create a questionnaire…

Hour of the Red God

The Pulse of the city and the death of a prostitute in Hour of the Red God

To the other detectives she was just another murdered prostitute, but not to Detective Mollel because he recognized her. Not her personally, but where she came from since she was Maasai just like Mollel. In Nairobi, ethnic loyalties run strong and Mollel feels an obligation to the victim but it’s more than that. For Mollel it’s an obsession…

On the Noodle Road

Food, travel, and life in On the Noodle Road

Who invented the noodle? Did Marco Polo introduce noodles to Italy from China? Jen Lin-Liu who owns a Chinese cooking school found herself asking the same questions while on her honeymoon in Italy. Marco Polo did not introduce the noodles, but beyond that it gets fuzzy, so she decided to embark on a long trek that would follow the Silk Road…

The Western Thriller, Under Tower Peak

A billionaire’s plane disappeared in the Sierra Nevada Mountains until a chance discovery several months later by Tommy and his coworker while they were fixing trails. Tommy’s only concern was reporting the plane to the sheriff, but his coworker saw a way to make some money and somehow dragged Tommy into his scheme. Unfortunately, the billionaire not only had money but big problems…

The subtle and powerful novel, Snow Hunters

Yohan is a broken young man with both bittersweet and painful memories from his childhood and his experiences in the Korean War. In an attempt to start a new life he leaves Korea for Brazil where he doesn’t know the language or anyone living there.

A Good Death

Twists, turns, and scams in A Good Death

Linda Watts was an American success story as a refugee from Laos who went to a prestigious college, had a promising career, and was recently engaged to be married. Her life seemed to be on the road of continued successes until she broke off her engagement and went to Thailand where later she was found dead from a drug overdose in a seedy motel. Her death would have not been investigated fully except …

The Shadow King

King Tut’s Life After Death in The Shadow King

The world has been fascinated by King Tutankhamun after the amazing discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter in 1922. Since that time the public has had a thirst for any information about King Tut’s life and death, but that attention has not always been good …

Village Secrets of Greed, Love, and Murder in Dying in the Wool

The First World War has ended and Kate Shackleton is still waiting for her husband to return from the war even though he was declared missing and is probably dead. While waiting she has developed a knack for finding missing persons but only as an amateur. Then in the mail Kate receives a request to find a missing father of a friend, and this time she has been offered money…

The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination

The Inner Evil Genius in The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination

Even mad scientists can have relationship troubles and Professor Incognito tries to explain everything in a list to his girlfriend. He goes over their relationship and his thoughts from how her brother treats the professor to how many skulls would go into a throne. He even talks about his feelings toward their therapist and his new Martian friends in “Professor Incognito Apologizes: An Itemized List” by Austin Grossman. This tongue-in-cheek story…