It’s a cozy murder in A Tine To Live, A Tine To Die

It was the most important harvest day for Cameron Flaherty’s organic farm-share program as thirty customers were coming to pick up their produce, but everything was almost ruined when Cam discovers her farmhand, Mike, had bought some pesticide. Lucky for Cam, he hadn’t used it on the plants, but it was the last straw for Mike…

Eighty Days

The True Account of the Race Around the World in Eighty Days

After the publication of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873, travelers everywhere were challenged to see if the imaginary feat could actually be done. Though it wasn’t until November 14, 1889, that two women, a reporter and a journalist, would set off in opposite directions in a race to beat the eighty days and each other.

Disturbances of the Mind in the Psychological Thriller, Blue Monday

In 1987 a young girl was abducted with her disappearance making national headlines before her name faded from the public’s eye when she wasn’t found. Twenty years later another child goes missing. This time it’s a young boy and the media has again posted his image everywhere, but Frieda Klein, a psychotherapist, sees a possible connection…

Coming-of-age in Whistling Past the Graveyard

Nine-year-old Starla Claudelle is almost always in trouble or on the verge of being in trouble from her sassy mouth and temper. Starla lives with her grandmother who has just about had it with her. This year Starla is grounded from the Fourth of July celebrations, but she goes anyway. When the nine-year-old is caught she decides to run away…


Scams and Revenge in 419

A man dies after his car plunges off a snowy hill, but the police are suspicious because there are three sets of tire treads. The man’s daughter, Laura, tries to understand the motives behind her father’s senseless death when the police discover that his death is linked with an email scam that came from Africa. The police can do nothing to the con men behind the scheme, though Laura wants justice so she goes to Africa…

The Peculiar Case of the Electric Constable

The True Story of a Murderous Quaker in The Peculiar Case of the Electric Constable

John Tawell was a troubled Quaker who ended up being kicked out of the church when he was caught in a forgery scheme. Usually a forger would end up hanged, but John was lucky because instead he was sent to Australia where he made a fortune. Years later, he returned a rich man to England, but his days of breaking the law were not over.

The Mutated Old West in the Fantasy, The Arrivals

One minute Chloe is in Washington D.C, and the next minute wakes up in a mutated old west with two moons, monsters, and magic. She is in shock, though there are people waiting to help her when she arrives. Brother and sister, Jack and Kitty, have been in this place called the Wasteland for many years, and they were from Chloe’s world only from an earlier time. There are also other people that have arrived to the Wasteland, but unfortunately there is a war…

Raising the Dead in Four Summoner’s Tales

A stranger arrives in town who promises to raise the dead but with a price. This one premise was undertaken by four bestselling authors, and the result is the book Four Summoner’s Tales. Each story reflects the author’s unique visions and writing style, creating a diverse collection of stories about the bereaved, the summoner, and the recently risen.

The Gutsy Rosarito Beach

DEA agent Kay Hamilton wants to take down the drug lord, Caesar Olivera, but he’s difficult to reach so she goes after his young brother, Tito. Kay has infiltrated his house with bugs and is able to make charges against Tito but this draws Caesar’s attention to Kay.

Murder as a Fine Art

The Victorian Thriller Murder as a Fine Art

It’s 1854 in London and the night’s calm is shattered by the shouts of murder. A young family has been brutally killed though it does not appear to be a random act but was carefully orchestrated to mirror the Ratcliffe Highway murders of another family forty-three years earlier. Detective Inspector Sean Ryan from Scotland Yard is put on the case and discovers an essay called “On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts”, which is a detailed account of the Ratcliffe Highway Murders by author, Thomas De Quincey…

The Fascinating Encounters of Hello Goodbye Hello

Hello Goodbye Hello: A Circle of 101 Remarkable Meetings is an addictive collection of encounters between writers, actors, singers, politicians, and other celebrities. All too revealing, these encounters show the various sides of these well known personalities from kindness to pettiness with the humor and the insults to match.

The Nightmare of Cradle Lake

Alan and Heather’s marriage is going through a rough time. The couple has suffered miscarriages and Heather’s depression led to a suicide attempt. When Alan’s uncle from North Carolina leaves him a house in a small town, Alan decides to jump at the chance for a change. Upon their arrival the couple finds that the house is run down and covered in vines. The house is also located by the edge of a forest where Alan discovers…