Stalking a Killer in Southside

Gang violence is part of the backdrop of the city and has stopped making the news, but gang reporter Michael Lyons is shot on the street and becomes the news. He survives the attack but is not unscathed…

An Adventure Fantasy in Quintessence

On the western edge of the world there are treasures, magic, and strange creatures in this age of discovery during the reign of Edward VI, son of Henry VIII. It was also a time of deadly strife as science, Protestantism and Catholicism clashed against each other often ending in torture and death. Court physician Stephen Parris is caught…

Mimi Malloy at Last

It’s never too late in Mimi Malloy At Last

Mimi Malloy doesn’t remember her childhood, at least that is what she tells herself and her grown daughters. Instead, she enjoys her retirement and loves being in her own apartment where she can smoke cigarettes to her heart’s content while sipping on her Manhattan and listening to Frank Sinatra. Her daughters refused…

Murder and Moonshine

Death in a Small Town in Murder and Moonshine

Daisy, a waitress at the H & P, hadn’t seen the recluse Fred Dickerson for years until he burst into the diner and died. It was a suspicious death and the little town in Virginia was abuzz with the news and gossip if it was murder and who did it. Daisy realizes that if Fred was murdered…

A Delicious Road Trip in The Whole Fromage

Beaufort, Camembert, and Roquefort are famous French cheeses, but they are only a tiny part of the French Cheese scene with over three hundred cheeses and counting. The cheese is made from goat, sheep, and cow’s milk and throughout all regions of France from farmlands to mountains. It’s complicated…


Powers Born from Death in Vicious

For the last ten years Victor has obsessed about finding his old friend Eli and killing him. But it will be a fight because Eli is an EO, ExtraOrdinary, just like Victor. Being an EO means having special abilities like healing, bringing back the dead, or even the power to force someone to act…

Sparse Beauty and a Troubled Life in All the Birds, Singing

Isolated on an island with only her dog and sheep for company, Jake Whyte is exactly where she wants to be: far away from her homeland and her past. She might be alone and independent, but her vulnerability seems very real


A Murderous Trail of Suspense in Notorious

Maxine Revere, investigative reporter, is rich and famous but the memories and the fallout from a friend’s unsolved murder in college continue to haunt her. Kevin, who was accused of the murder but never convicted, has committed suicide, and his sister writes to Max for help. In response, Max returns home…

Sleepless Knights

The Ultimate Butler in Sleepless Knights

It’s the modern age, and King Arthur and six of the Knights of the Round Table still live- in secret. It wouldn’t be possible without the skills of King Arthur’s butler, Lucas. After gathering the knights which for poor Lucas meant searching for a missing king and breaking up a bar fight, King Arthur decides to find Merlin.

The Medical Thriller Doing Harm

Steve Mitchell had it all: he was a surgeon and chief resident and had a loving wife with two kids. His life was on track until patients began to die from mistakes, but Steve suspects that the patients were actually killed and their deaths were made to look like accidents.

Winter People

Buried Secrets in The Winter People

Near the little town of West Falls, Vermont in the woods is a place called Devil’s Land where there are rumors of evil and the children are not allowed to play. In 1908 on a farm nearby a young girl dies and her mother, Sara, soon dies under mysterious circumstances.

Grand Forks

Eating out in Grand Forks

It’s not New York City or Los Angeles but Grand Forks, North Dakota, an average American city, and for the last 25 years Marilyn Hagerty has written Eatbeat, a column of restaurant reviews. The restaurants are truck stops, locally owned, fast food, and large restaurant chains, but for all the familiarity there is a story.