American Indian Heritage Month featured artist: Roxanne Swentzell

In recognition of American Indian Heritage Month, I want to share the art of Santa Clara Pueblo artist Roxanne Swentzell with you. We’ll take a closer look at her sculpture called “Laughing at the Ducks”, which is part of the library’s permanent art collection. Then we’ll hit the road to see examples of her work in museums in Kansas City and Denver.

2012 Altered Books Display in the Library

Give a discarded book a new life by transforming it into a work of art. Anyone is welcome to bring an altered book to the Gallery before 9pm on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012. The books will be on display in the library from Nov. 6, 2012 – Jan. 2, 2013.

Woven Words: Slow Literature

“My job is to tell stories with yarn.” Artist Sarah Swett weaves words from an unfinished novel into her tapestries. The tale is revealed in a series she calls Slow Literature.

The Joy of Making

Lots of us still make things by hand even though we can buy everything we need in a store or online. I talked with Zan and Heather in the Gallery to find out why.

Madcap Dorothy and the Art of Bookbinding

Pretty madcap Dorothy works in a book-bindery with her friends. Unfortunately, all that work leaves little time for socializing. How is she ever going to find a marriageable fellow? And wait a minute, it’s the 19th century, what are women doing binding books in the first place?

A Little Book of Awkwardness

Awkwardness is a universal feeling. Let’s take a closer look at one of the library’s artists’ books that translates these feelings into a 3-dimensional form.

Visualizing a Poem for National Poetry Month

Artists’ books combine text, image, material and structure to tell a story. In honor of National Poetry Month, let’s take a closer look at one of the library’s artists’ books, “Admonition”, by Sara R. Parr.

Have you eaten a good book lately?

Join the fun at the 6th Annual Edible Book Festival. Create an edible masterpiece based on the content or shape of a book, see other edible works of art and vote for your favorites.

Is That a Book?

Artists’ books encourage us to look outside the binding to see what a book can be. Bottle cap pages, metal covers, and sanded and shaped text blocks are just a few of the possibilities.