Ghostbusters Quote-Along

Get in the spirit for Halloween with these great scary and silly movies. Start with Ghostbusters on the library’s big screen this Saturday.

Indianapolis: Crossroads of America

Indianapolis may not be high on anyone’s list of tourist destinations, but it is a city rich in history and culture. As a recent trip can attest, Indy has much to see and do to satisfy any vacation.

Christopher Lee, 1922-2015

Actor Christopher Lee has delighted movie fans during his 70+ year career. Revisit the life and career of this extraordinary actor.

Kansas City Museums

Great museums are only a short distance away. Visit these attractions in nearby Kansas City!

The Films of Bob Hope

Bob Hope is one of Hollywood’s most popular Golden Age stars. Here is a list of some of his most notable films.

Presidential Libraries

Everyday is President’s Day when you visit a Presidential Library!

Rod Taylor, 1930-2015

Hollywood lost another of it’s popular stars with the recent death of Rod Taylor. Revisit the career of the 1960s leading man who starred in such classics as the The Time Machine and The Birds.

Luise Rainer, 1910-2014

Academy Award winning actress Luise Rainer passed away at the age of 104. Revist the short career, yet long life of this legendary Hollywood star.

The Universal Monsters

In the early days of Hollywood, nothing was more terrifying than the monsters of Universal Studios. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and others kept audiences coming back for me. Revisit

Football Movies

Sports movies have been a part of American film since the silent days. As we begin Football Season, here is a look as some popular (and not so popular) football movies.

Museum Ships

Museum ships offer fascinating insight to our nation’s military and commercial history. Here are a few examples for when you plan your next vacation.