All Aboard For Kittens!

Did you know that there are over 500 million domestic cats and that cats sleep for an average of 13-14 hours a day? You can learn all this and more next week.  On loan from the Helping Hands Humane Society, we will have kittens on the Adventuremobile next week! Come visit us on the Adventuremobile!   […]

Travel Through Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa, is a town of great beauty and great history. Perhaps it is best known being home to meany of the anti-apartheid movement as well as where Nelson Mandela made his first speech in public following his release from prison. Cape Town is also the most popular tourist destination in South Africa.

Meander Through Madrid

The city of Madrid is the capitol of Spain and is known for its beauty and history. As the largest city in Spain, it has a population of approximately 3.3 million people.

Have You Seen It?: White Collar

Neal Caffrey is a con man. Peter Burke is an FBI agent. Who would have ever thought that they would be working together?

Journey to Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful country located in the Caribbean. It is known for its gorgeous beaches, beautiful and unique music, and tasty foods. Here are a few things that you should consider if you ever find yourself in Jamaica. Sports  Sports are a big part of life in Jamaica. Many people have seen the movie […]

Coasting Through Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a rich history. This country is known for its beautiful landscape and as a nation of peace because it has no standing army. We will visit a few of the beautiful places to be found in Costa Rica. National Theatre of Costa Rica (Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica) […]

Have you seen it?: Warehouse 13

When I was first introduced to Warehouse 13, I was suspicious it, thinking that it was going to be silly, boring, and, like many of the Sci-Fi shows that I had seen, completely unbelievable and unrelatable. I could not have been more wrong. You’ll just have to see Warehouse 13 to believe it.

A Tour of New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country found in the Pacific Ocean. Enter a country that is home to unparalleled natural beauty as well as the country’s native Maori people.

Take A Break In Beijing!

Beijing is a city with tremendous history and beautiful architecture. It was placed on display four years ago when Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics and presented one of the most breathtaking opening ceremonies seen in the modern Olympic games. We will be visiting just a few of the historic locations located in Beijing, China.

A Trek Through Saint Petersburg

A historic city located in Russia, Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Czar Peter the Great. This blog will walk you through a few of the beautiful and historic locations located on the Baltic Sea.

Let’s Travel to Historic Athens

In the spirit of the recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympics, we will be looking at the city that launched the modern Olympic games: Athens! We will visit some of the historic attractions that bring people to visit this beautiful city.