The latest news on exhibits at the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, programs, and cool things around Topeka in our arts community, opportunities for artists, posts about art books and video and photos from exhibits you may have missed.

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40 years of Friends adding art to the library

Admire pieces of the library’s art collection purchased by the Friends of the Library.

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How to Make One-of-a-Kind Jewelry That’s Uniquely You

Making your own jewelry is a fun way to create accessories to match your personal style.

Artsy Crafty Library: Using Nature as Inspiration for Your Art

Spend time outside and try a new art material or technique.

Admire Topeka Parks in Unique & Majestic WPA Style Posters by Local Artists

View local parks with fresh eyes and a new sense of wonder.

Try Adding Intrigue & Interest to Your Story with Unexpected Journeys

Examine journeys and how they can impact our characters in unpredicted ways.

Behind the Scenes: Innovative Technology Expands Our Interaction with Art

Discover how we are using augmented reality and other tech tools in the Gallery.