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Artists’ Amazing Creativity Connects the Many Cultures in U.S.

Discover artists incorporating heritage in their art & inspiration for your art.

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Abstract circle acrylic and watercolor painted background.

Teen Art Club: Free Your Mind When You Create Abstract Art

Follow steps to make Kandinsky inspired art & find resources for your own creations.

Experience Youth Art Month from the Comfort of Your Home

View art created by Kansas K-12 students. Sponsored by Kansas Art Education Association (KAEA).

teen art club

Learn How to Draw Amazing Optical Illusions

Make art that fools our eyes into seeing something that isn’t there. It’s deceptively simple!

Behind the Scenes: Building 3D Objects to Support Art Experience

See how adding extra features can enhance the feel of an exhibit.

Excavate Your Dreams To Boost Your Writing

Learn how to explore your dreams and use them in your writing.