The latest news on exhibits at the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, programs, and cool things around Topeka in our arts community, opportunities for artists, posts about art books and video and photos from exhibits you may have missed.

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Flow Into the Art of Pouring

Learn how easy, fun and mesmerizing pour painting can be.

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Stargazing at the Sabatini Gallery

Learn how you can practice finding constellations inside during the day.

fairy house made of natural objects

Create Miniature Magic

Bring imaginary worlds to life and invite a little magic into your home or yard with fairy houses.

A Matter of Choice

Explore artwork that highlights artists’ decisions about materials and processes March 11 – May 3.

Spring Into Tie-Dyeing

Get a jump start on your warm weather attire with some colorful tie-dye designs.

The 4 Elements

Explore the work of four artists who strive to invoke thought, conversation & action related to environmental topics.