Mission, Vision, Commitment, and Goals

Our Mission

Your place. Stories you want. Information you need. Connections you seek.

Our Vision

You know us – and we know you
We are on your speed dial-just like your best friend. The library is part of your daily life. We’re friends on Facebook. You visit us in person and on the digital branch.

You trust us
You have important decisions to make. You come to us when you need reliable information-fast! You see the library as an essential part of your life.

You are proud of us
You share the library’s story with friends and neighbors and bring visitors here. Getting a library card is one of the first things you do when you move here. You support the library with tax dollars and donations because it’s good for our community.

You inspire us
We see you learning new technology, doing business, enjoying a good book and connecting with friends. You think the library makes Topeka and Shawnee County a better place to live.

You can’t read enough (for us)
Your library card is always in your wallet. You are reading more, checking-out more, downloading more and enjoying the stories and information you need. Reading is like breathing-you gotta do it!

Our Commitment

Enhance our citizens’ lives through convenient services when, where and how they need them.

Our Goals

  • Support the economic vitality of our community.
  • Monitor and respond to societal changes with information to help people manage and improve their lives.
  • Support and nourish the community’s spirit, imagination and culture.
  • Contribute to the growth and development of our community’s families and children.