Kansas Career Pipeline is a Great Way to Explore Career Options and Begin Your Job Search

Kansas Career Pipeline is an excellent tool for job-seekers and for people who want to explore the requirements and opportunities in a given career.  Once you register on the Kansas Career Pipeline web site, you will be able to customize your account and find out through a step-by-step process  your interests, occupational options, and any new or additional education and training needed to prepare for the career you want.  You will create an electronic portfolio to keep track of your career and job searching activities.

A custom menu of options is available for all types of adults, including

  • first-time job seeker
  •  career changer
  •  veteran or active member of the military
  • adult with a disability
  •  ex-offender
  •  retired person.

Your exploration begins with three assessments.**  The first one helps determine what type of work you like to do; the second helps assess your strongest work skills; the third helps determine what work values are important to you– for example, do you like to work at a desk or more actively moving around? Do you like to be supervised closely or work independently? Do you need reinforcement from your boss or better left alone?

When finished with each assessment, you will be aligned with occupations that best match your results.

Kansas Career Pipeline also offers an extensive selection of Jobs Tools, including

  • Writing Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Managing your documents
  • Sample Job Applications
  • Practicing Interviewing Skills
  • Developing a Job Network
  • Linking to job opportunities on the Internet

I recommend this web site as a starting point for anyone seeking career information or launching a job search.

**Kuder’s three online assessments are based on extensive, ongoing research done by Dr. Frederic Kuder, Dr. Donald Super, Dr. Donald Zytowski, and Dr. Catalina D’Achiardi-Ressler – outstanding leaders in the field of career guidance and assessment – and others over a 70-year period. The purpose of the assessments is not to tell you what you should do or will be successful in doing. Rather, their purpose is to give you some focus about where to begin your exploration in the vast world of occupations. The scores from each of these assessments are stored in your portfolio.**

  • Theresa Steinlage

    This is an informational, accurate description of a great resource. The Topeka Shawnee County Library (TSCPL) has been critical to informing Kansans in our region about the Kansas Career Pipeline. Thank you Terry for continuing to do so via this great blog!

    I hope that many of you reading this blog will consider attending the FREE Kansas Career Pipeline trainings that are offered regularly at the TSCPL. There is no charge whatsoever and you’ll enjoy seeing our beautiful library! I look forward to seeing you there.

    Theresa Steinlage
    Kuder Field Trainer
    Kansas Career Pipeline

  • Terry

    Theresa, thanks for your comments. I honestly think Kansas Career Pipeline is the best jobs and career resource available. And, of course, thanks for highlighting that all programs at the Library are FREE!