Common Questions from Job Seekers

Answered by Terry Miller, Business Librarian

Q. I need help writing a resume and making it great. Are there library resources I can use to make my resume stand out?
A. We can help you make your resume interesting and attention-grabbing. I recommend tailoring your resume to the job description. Keep in mind your most recent work experience might not be the most relevant for a particular job. The WinWay Resume software, available at the library, also offers you pre-written descriptions of job-related tasks that align with what employers expect and use action verbs they like. I recommend it.

Q.  I’ve landed a job interview, but am so nervous about it. How can I come off cool, calm and collected?
A. Prepare for your interview by knowing about the company and the job requirements. Make sure you have a preset question to ask about the business. Write it down and take it with you if you need to. We have several good books on common questions asked by hiring managers. Check them out, so you’re not put on the spot. Rehearse your answers. Also, practice interviews are available using the WinWay Resume software.

Q. I want a job, but not just any job. I want one I love and am going to be good at! Do you have any classes or guides for job seekers in need of direction?
A. If you have time to explore your direction in job choice, I would recommend registering for a Kansas Career Pipeline session (see Library News for schedule), which offers guidance on what types of jobs would suit you best. Check out one of my favorite books, What Color is Your Parachute?, for exploring your strengths and career aspirations. Other useful book titles can be found in my blog post titled “10 Insightful Books for Career Changers.”

Q.  The job I want requires me to fill out an online application. Computers don’t like me, so I don’t own one. Can the library help me with my online application?
A. We have two dedicated Jobs & Careers computers with a four-hour login for you to use. All you need is a library card. Any staff member can help you reserve a computer and navigate the online application process. If you want, you can even set up a one-on-one appointment to work on your application. Call 580-4555.

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