Celebrate Financial Planning Week October 3 – 9, 2011

October 3-9, 2011, marks the *Financial Planning Association’s  (FPA’s) tenth annual Financial Planning Week!

Financial Planning Week is a celebration to help individuals discover the value of financial planning and make smart financial decisions to achieve life goals and dreams.  There are many topics to consider when thinking about a financial planning strategy, including the following:

  • Creating and sticking to a Budget
  • Saving and Investing
  • Establishing good Credit
  • Debt Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning

Before you can develop your own strategy for the future of your finances, you’ll need to sit down and create a long term goal or set of goals.      Creating a strategy to manage your cash flow and your debt levels more proactively is usually a healthy place to begin, as you’ll find you often have far more disposable income to work with once your consumer debts are under control.

From here, factoring in your long term investing goals, such as building up retirement savings or developing an investment portfolio to provide further income becomes important. Asset protection and risk management are also crucial steps to consider once your investments start to increase.

You need to be realistic about what goals you want to set for your future, as it will become much easier to put the steps in place to get you to your desired outcome once your strategy is tied to the reality of your situation and resources.

TSCPL is glad to be supporting the Financial Planning Association in promoting Financial Planning Week.  We have several financial planning books on display in the Circulation area of the Library, as well as free booklets for young people to become interested and proactive in planning their own financial futures.

* The Financial Planning Association is a leadership and advocacy organization connecting those who provide, support and benefit from professional financial planning.  Based in Denver, Colo., FPA has 95 chapters throughout the United States representing tens of thousands of members involved in all facets of providing financial planning services.