BusinessDecision Offers New Research Reports and Maps

BusinessDecision is one of the most dynamic business databases the library owns. With a library card, your business can tap into BusinessDecision‘s consumer market data, demographic data, and market segmentation data associated with customized geographic areas. This business resource has added new reports and maps in 2013; there’s even more demographic information to draw from in making critical business decisions. Existing reports have been updated as well.

We hope you are excited about the enhancements to the database and also about the updated Census information used to comprise many of its reports.

New in 2013:

  • Executive Report – This report provides an executive summary in paragraph format of key demographic attributes in a trade area in addition to data in tabular form. The report includes current-year estimates, five-year projections, and demographic data from Census 2010.
  • Business Locator – Business Locator report provides a list of businesses in the study area and compares daytime population to residential population. The report lists up to 250 businesses in the study area with NAICS code, business name and address, number of employees, and estimated sales. This is a very useful information to someone who wants to know how much business he/she can generate from people who work in the area during the day but do not reside in the study area.
  • Business Summary – The Business Summary report provides details on the number of businesses and employees by industry group in the study area.
  • Traffic Count Profile – This report provides data about traffic patterns around your site by displaying as many as 25 of the closest available traffic counts. The Traffic Count Profile includes information such as distance to your location, street name and nearest cross street, direction to nearest cross street, traffic count, and year the count was taken. This is critical information for any establishment depending on walk-in or drive-in traffic.
  • Traffic Count Map – Visualize the traffic patterns around your site. The Traffic Count Profile Map displays the traffic counts at intersections within and around your market area to help you improve your site selection, understanding of traffic patterns, and ability to identify high-visibility locations. Traffic counts are classified into six volume categories and demarcated by color and size on the map, making it easy to detect traffic patterns.

A large number of reports have been updated to Census 2010 plus Esri’s 2012 current year estimate of population and 2017 population forecast including:

•                Age 50+ Profile

•                Age by Sex by Race Profile

•                Age by Sex Profile

•                Detailed Age Profile

•                Disposable Income Profile

•                Graphic Profile

•                Housing Profile

•                Market Profile

•                Net worth Profile

If you would like to learn more about how the BusinessDecision database can help you better understand your business environment and how you can improve your business, contact Terry Miller, our Business Librarian, at 785-580-4556, or email