Creature Feature

Ewww! What is that? It’s a snail! Have you ever seen a snail on a trail before? When you saw the snail did it leave a trail of slime? They leave a trail of mucus (slime) behind as they move – gross! But it’s very necessary. That slime trail protects the snail as it moves and allows […]

Creature Feature

Do you know what this is? It’s the Italian Wall Lizard – Podarcis siculus – and it lives in Topeka! Tens of thousands of these fast little lizards can be found sunning themselves on rocks or scurrying underneath them for shelter all over Topeka. Native to Northern Italy, this lizard made its home here about 50 years […]

Creature Feature: Frogsicle?

Have you ever wondered how a tree frog survives this cold weather? Find out with animal expert, Jackie Hurst. Frogsicle, anyone?

Guys Read is better than…

The guys of the Topeka field office of Guys Read, the Mustache Killers, challenged themselves. “Can we recruit more guys for Guys Read?” they said. “Yes, we can!” And so they did.

Tell a Joke Day Extravaganza!

Tweens stopped by Youth Services for National Tell a Joke Day. Here’s a compilation of the best boffs, quickest quips, wackiest wisecracks and giggliest gags.

Creature Feature: Milk Snake

Can I touch it? Is it poisonous? Will it bite? Thirsty for info on snakes? Read about milk snakes. You’ll be glad you did, Jack.

Creature Feature: Pangolin

Have you ever wished you were indestructible and had built-in protection? You want to be a pangolin!

YouReview: Skylar on Juniper Berry

The first of a new tween feature, patron-extraordinaire and Guys Read conspirator, Skylar, gives us his review of the tween scary novel, Juniper Berry.

Real Men Read

The real men of the Mustache Killers, the library’s Guys Read field office, recommend their favorites.