The Modern Family Wedding

This blog by Meg Porteous offers insight into dealing with some of the sensitive areas of relationships and weddings.

Commonly Asked Wedding Questions

Your DIY wedding is a snap using the library. Here are questions our Wedding Specialist repeatedly answered during a recent appearance at a local bridal fair, where we helped hundreds of brides-to-be. Maybe we can help you too.

The Digital Age Version of “I Do”

This generation’s bride is deeply settled into the Digital Age. With a smartphone or tablet at hand, there are many apps to make the wedding planning experience much easier. Here are a few apps to get you started. You will need to see which ones work with your iPhone, android, tablet or other device. Have fun!

Pick a spot, any spot . . .or not

Choosing a venue for your wedding may require a fair amount of time and effort. But without a place to hold your special event, everything else must wait.

Wedding Ceremonies and the Vows That Bind Them

Whether you are planning a traditional wedding in a place of worship, or a contemporary celebration in your neighbor’s pasture or on a distant beach, your ceremony is going to reflect the personalities of you and your significant other. The average couple may write their own vows, but they will likely leave the rest to […]

Take your proposal from memorable to unforgettable with a proposal planner!

It takes a whole industry to prepare for a wedding: florists, bakers, photographers, decorators, musicians, planners. The list goes on and on.  Getting to the point of being ready for a wedding means there has first been a proposal.  Hmmm . . . who helps you plan that? Believe it or not, there are now […]

One day wedding workshop Aug. 29

Wedding Workshop: Food, Flowers & Photos

Brides can spend months, maybe even years, planing the wedding of their dreams. If you don’t have that kind of time, come to the library for our helpful 1-day wedding workshop.

It's Time to Party!

Once you’ve said your “I dos” and are ready to celebrate, what kind of reception entertainment will you want to have?

Picture Yourself Married

Besides the wedding reception, photography may well be the most expensive line item in a wedding budget. An average price tag of $4,000 for wedding photos plus video is common.  DIY wedding photos and video would be much more affordable, but remember you only get once chance to capture the cherished images of this day.  Are […]