Great John Green Read-alikes

A list of read alikes for lovers of “The Fault in our Stars”, “Looking for Alaska” and all of John Green’s works.

Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Fair Reads

From Renaissance Fairs to amusement parks, these teens are leaving their everyday life for a summer adventure. Summer Job or Summer Fling? These great summer escapes have it all!

Heroic series 101

Get all set for reading heroics this summer with a book series for kids, tweens and teens.

Calling All Teens!

If you are creative, love the library and want some consistent volunteer hours, then our Teen Advisory Board is the place for you. Submit an application and you might get the chance to represent teens for your community. Check it out!

Novels in Verse Are Great For Book Reports

Need a book report or ten by the end of the year, try a novel in verse. April is National Poetry Month impress your teacher by reading and reporting on a novel in verse.

Mythology and Movies

If you love ancient mythology and you love movies, then you’ll looooove this program.

My Best Everything: Is It Enough?

Will Lulu’s summer after high school in rural Virginia be toxic or intoxicating when she tries to raise her college tuition money by making moonshine? What would you risk to ensure your shot at a better future — your family, your friends, your life, or your heart?

Flipped Out In School

The Flipped Classroom switches from traditional teaching methods, to technology driven methods delivering instruction online outside of the class and moving “homework” into the classroom.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a small piece of technology for people with big ideas. Come see a demonstration of what it can do at our Teen Tech Fair, March 12th 4-5:30 in The Edge

Libraries Are For Making

Tech, tech, tech it out! It’s Teen Tech Week, and we have so much to offer here at the library.