Celebrate Your Right To Read

Reading a book can put you in the shoes of a character or situation you might not ever be exposed to otherwise. Books teach us so many important lessons. Why then are so many books banned or challenged?

Babies Don’t Spoil the Romance

Teen romance novels aren’t a place where you might expect to find many characters who are still in their infancy. Sure, sometimes the guys or gals don’t act all that mature, but actual babies are few and far between. Here are some books that break the mold.

All New Performers’ Place

Looking for a place to showcase your talent and practice your performing skills, look no further. If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 the teen Performers’ Place is for you.  Each month the library will spotlight a different type of performance. Find one, or more, that you like and bring your best. Registration […]


What Test is right for me? Here is a breakdown of the differences between the ACT and The SAT college entrance exams

Everyone is Faking Perfect

Why is the pressure so intense in high school to be perfect? And what if the best you can do is to fake it? SPOILER ALERT: faking perfect isn’t a theme that is limited to high school romance novels and you can’t keep faking perfect forever!

Meet The Cozies!

Get to know a little bit more about The Cozies before they perform live Fri. July 24, 7 p.m.

’89 Walls: Politics get Personal

In a provocative teen romance set in 1989, the politics get personal when a cynical, liberal high school senior who supports his dying mother with his minimum wage job falls hard for a girl who has believed everything her wealthy, conservative father has taught her about the world.

Great John Green Read-alikes

A list of read alikes for lovers of “The Fault in our Stars”, “Looking for Alaska” and all of John Green’s works.

Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Fair Reads

From Renaissance Fairs to amusement parks, these teens are leaving their everyday life for a summer adventure. Summer Job or Summer Fling? These great summer escapes have it all!

Heroic series 101

Get all set for reading heroics this summer with a book series for kids, tweens and teens.