This Girl is Different

As a social experiment to complement her homeschool experience before applying to Cornell University, Evie decides to attend the local public high school for her senior year. Culture shock!

Evie M. (she prefers not to use her full name, presumably because it is embarassing) lives with her mom in an environmentally sustainable Dome Home that they built themselves. She meets two students, Rajas and  Jacinda, while hiking during the last week of summer, so at least she has a few friends when classes begin.

School is nothing like what she expected from watching cheesy 80’s movies.

Evie tries to create positive change. She wants to right the wrongs that she sees as unjust and unfair, like filthy bathrooms, bans on cell phone talking but not texting, bullying teachers. Things get out of control, and fast.

This story is similar in premise to Gordon Korman’s excellent middle school novel, Schooled. A coming of age story with a clash of cultures and authority, the book is well worth reading to experience Evie’s frustrations and her joy as she faces the challenge of testing “ideals” in the “real world”.

This Girl is Different by J. J. Johnson

Lissa Staley

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