Love in the time of supervillians

blazeBlaze has a lot going on lately:

  • being a geek girl artist
  • sexting drama
  • watching soccer
  • driving a squad of 13 year old sidekicks
  • meeting comic book store guy
  • and don’t forget, high school

Blaze stereotypes her own friends, much like they are comic book characters as well. But she’s learning, often through cringe-worthy experiences, that her assumptions at face-value don’t give people the credit (or doubt) they deserve.  Blaze hopes her dad has a secret identity other than the one her mom and his mom keep complaining about constantly.

This is the kind of teen romance that is completely satisfying yet hints at the broader world as well.

Younger boys and their annoying farts and sexual comments and complete lack of social skills are handled so honestly. After all, those same guys will be the love interests of the high school girls in just a few short years.

Refreshing and lovely, this is the best kind of superhero origin story, because it seems so real.

Blaze, or, Love in the time of supervillians by Laurie Boyle Crompton.