A new Evanovich?

You are probably expecting something specific from a book about a single gal with junk food issues and low self-confidence in New Jersey, particularly from author named Evanovich. I know I was.

Calling Invisible Women

The Secret Lives of Invisible Women in Calling Invisible Women

Clover sometimes felt invisible as a woman in her fifties with two grown children and a busy physician husband, but one morning she woke up truly invisible. Her new non-visual status was troubling enough, but her family didn’t notice which only made Clover feel more isolated, especially as time went by and her invisibility went undiscovered. Then one day she saw in the newspaper an ad for invisible women


Arranged is a modern romance with a twist

The premise of this book both intrigued and repelled me. People choosing to pay big bucks to marry a stranger? Even with the year of marriage counseling and the foundation in friendship rather than love, I was skeptical of the whole affair. I mean, I like to read romance novels. And I didn’t really see how this was going to turn out satisfying for any of us, the readers or the characters.


HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 20 – Chick Lit

Listen or download the library’s premier podcast – HUSH! In Episode 20, enjoy a discussion (25:58) about Chick Lit – the books and movies that are funny relationship stories about young women. Have you read any of our recommendations? Plus continue the discussion on the library’s Goodreads group!

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