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2014 Women & Money Classes

Women of all ages are invited to enroll in these classes (Sept. 18-Oct. 30) to learn how to manage their personal finances, pay down debt, live on a budget, save and invest.

Hush a podcast from TSCPL

HUSH Library Podcast Ep. 53 – Notable Women

In this episode, Miranda Ericsson joins Thad Hartman and Lissa Staley to recommend books by and about notable women. Build your biography booklist and get ready for Women’s History Month in March!

On the Noodle Road

Food, travel, and life in On the Noodle Road

Who invented the noodle? Did Marco Polo introduce noodles to Italy from China? Jen Lin-Liu who owns a Chinese cooking school found herself asking the same questions while on her honeymoon in Italy. Marco Polo did not introduce the noodles, but beyond that it gets fuzzy, so she decided to embark on a long trek that would follow the Silk Road…

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Living Outside the Box

If you travel for the adventure of immersing yourself in another way of life, I’ve got just book for you. There’s no best restaurant list or recommendations of must-see places here. There is real-life experience of the thrills, the rewards and the problems of living abroad from people who are doing it.

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Madcap Dorothy and the Art of Bookbinding

Pretty madcap Dorothy works in a book-bindery with her friends. Unfortunately, all that work leaves little time for socializing. How is she ever going to find a marriageable fellow? And wait a minute, it’s the 19th century, what are women doing binding books in the first place?