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Epic library video celebrates National Library Week, Topeka-style.

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Photography Pics

Picture Yourself Married

Besides the wedding reception, photography may well be the most expensive line item in a wedding budget. An average price tag of $4,000 for wedding photos plus video is common.  DIY wedding photos and video would be much more affordable, but remember you only get once chance to capture the cherished images of this day.  Are […]


Teen Tech Week 2013

Where would we be without technology? The Teen Advisory Board imagines how famous fictional stories would turn out if the characters had modern technology, with funny results in this video promoting Teen Tech Week. March 10-16, 2013 is Teen Tech Week at the library! Teen Tech Week is a chance to showcase the outstanding […]


The Waiting Room: An Interview

Meet the artists behind our current exhibition, The Waiting Room: Lost and Found, and hear more about the project itself, and how a community of artists and art lovers collaborated to bring important issues in women’s health to the table for discussion.