Take A Break In Beijing!

Beijing is a city with tremendous history and beautiful architecture. It was placed on display four years ago when Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics and presented one of the most breathtaking opening ceremonies seen in the modern Olympic games. We will be visiting just a few of the historic locations located in Beijing, China.


A Trek Through Saint Petersburg

A historic city located in Russia, Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Czar Peter the Great. This blog will walk you through a few of the beautiful and historic locations located on the Baltic Sea.


Let’s Travel to Historic Athens

In the spirit of the recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympics, we will be looking at the city that launched the modern Olympic games: Athens! We will visit some of the historic attractions that bring people to visit this beautiful city.

Use the library for all sorts of summer projects

This Summer I Will… Think of the Library

Think “library” when you’re setting goals for summer fun and personal development. With more than 400,000 items to choose from, you’re certain to find something that suits your lifestyle. What are your plans for summer fun? Leave a comment below (especially if you used library books to inspire your fun). This summer, I will         […]

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