Time Travel and Regency Adventure in The River of No Return

Nick Falcott was about to die on a Napoleonic Battlefield when he disappeared and reappeared in the twenty-first century. Waiting for Nick was the Guild, an organization made up of other time travelers. The Guild takes care of its members by helping them to adjust and providing large incomes, but there is a price…

HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 30 – Paranormal Romance

Just in time for Halloween! Thad Hartman and Lissa Staley host a (33:13) discussion with Stephanie about the popularity of paranormal romance novels. Find out what to read after you finish the latest vampire or werewolf-themed romance and share your recommendations with us!

The Time Bending Thursday Next Series

The evil villain, Acheron Hades, has stolen the manuscript of Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens. The authorities want to capture him before Hades kills one of the characters and makes the character disappear from the story. So Special Operations contacts one of the few people who have seen Hades, Thursday Next, the gun toting Special Ops from the Literary Division.