A Good Death

Twists, turns, and scams in A Good Death

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Linda Watts was an American success story as a refugee from Laos who went to a prestigious college, had a promising career, and was recently engaged to be married. Her life seemed to be on the road of continued successes until she broke off her engagement and went to Thailand where later she was found dead from a drug overdose in a seedy motel. Her death would have not been investigated fully except …


She’s a Hard Core Detective in Loyalty

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Fina Ludlow is a hard-hitting PI that can both give and take a punch and has absolutely no hesitation about using her gun. She’s tough, but then so is her family. The Ludlows are mostly rich trial lawyers who have made their money both famously and infamously and along the way have made enemies who would love to watch them fall. So far the family has stayed one step ahead of the law and their downfall, until now.

The Caretaker

A Senator’s Secrets in The Caretaker

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Ranjit Singh was a former Indian army captain who fled to the United States and is now barely able to make a living as a landscaper at Martha’s Vineyard. He is desperate for work when he is offered a job as a caretaker of a Senator’s home. Ranjit is just supposed to check on the house, but secretly he …


Identity Unknown in Ghostman

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In Atlantic City a casino robbery that was planned to the very last detail went terribly wrong leaving one of the robbers dead and the other one shot and in hiding with over a million in cash. A massive manhunt is underway for the injured robber and Marcus, the mastermind behind the robbery, doesn’t know if the surviving robber is hurt, dead or worse- planning on taking the money and run. Marcus needs someone to clean up the mess and retrieve the money, so he calls in on a debt …

The Demonologist

Andrew Pyper’s Latest Novel The Demonologist

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Professor David Ullman teaches religious literature and is a scholar of Milton’s Paradise Lost and also of demons, but the irony about his studies is that David does not believe in demons or anything else. Outside the classroom David’s life is in turmoil. His wife wants a divorce and at the same time he receives a strange visitor…


Stuart Neville’s Latest Thriller, Ratlines

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It’s 1963 which was less than twenty years after World War II, but former members of the Third Reich are being murdered in Ireland with three killings in less than two weeks. The government is concerned that there will be more killings so Albert Ryan in intelligence is assigned to the case, and soon Ryan is in contact with Colonel Otto Skorzeny who has been given a threatening note from the killer or killers. Skorzeny is a wealthy, dangerous…