Night Heron

The Espionage Thriller Night Heron

Twenty years have not softened prisoner 5995’s resolve or his abilities as a spy. Also known as Peanut, he escaped from a labor camp surrounded by desert and made his way to Beijing. With brutal force and cunning he connects…

No Way Back

The Roller Coaster Thriller, No Way Back

Jimmy Thane has been given a second chance, which at the same time is probably also his last chance. He’s an alcoholic and drug abuser who has burnt almost everyone, but he was able to snag a new job in a new place. He’s the CEO of a failing…


Stalking a Killer in Southside

Gang violence is part of the backdrop of the city and has stopped making the news, but gang reporter Michael Lyons is shot on the street and becomes the news. He survives the attack but is not unscathed…


A Murderous Trail of Suspense in Notorious

Maxine Revere, investigative reporter, is rich and famous but the memories and the fallout from a friend’s unsolved murder in college continue to haunt her. Kevin, who was accused of the murder but never convicted, has committed suicide, and his sister writes to Max for help. In response, Max returns home…

Rosarito Beach

The Gutsy Rosarito Beach

DEA agent Kay Hamilton wants to take down the drug lord, Caesar Olivera, but he’s difficult to reach so she goes after his young brother, Tito. Kay has infiltrated his house with bugs and is able to make charges against Tito but this draws Caesar’s attention to Kay.


The Western Thriller, Under Tower Peak

A billionaire’s plane disappeared in the Sierra Nevada Mountains until a chance discovery several months later by Tommy and his coworker while they were fixing trails. Tommy’s only concern was reporting the plane to the sheriff, but his coworker saw a way to make some money and somehow dragged Tommy into his scheme. Unfortunately, the billionaire not only had money but big problems…

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