Cold death in The Ice Twins

One night a young girl, Lydia is killed in an accident leaving behind her twin sister Kirstie and Angus and Sarah their bereaved parents. After a year to escape the memories of their daughter’s death the family moves to a remote Scottish island. It seems like it might be a new start but…


A Deadly Game in All the Old Knives

It seems like an innocent dinner between ex-lovers when Henry and Celia meet after not seeing each other for many years, but there is a dangerous undercurrent between them. In the past they were both active CIA agents when there was a terrorist hijacking.

The Black Hour

Shooting on campus in The Black Hour

Sociology Professor Amelia Emmet has just returned battered and barely recovered to college where she had been shot by a student. The walls were repainted and the carpeting replaced, but her mind could not forget or understand the shooting…

Seven Wonders

The Action Packed Adventure, Seven Wonders

Jeremy Grady was not supposed to be in the restricted research area at MIT, but he needed the equipment for his own research, and just as the data was coming together Jeremy was killed.

The Devil's Workshop

The Murder Squad Returns in The Devil’s Workshop

Train cars crash into HM Prison Bridewell causing a wall to collapse and releasing some of London’s deadliest killers. Inspector Walter Day and Sargent Nevil Hammersmith are sent to investigate the accident and discover that the facts are not adding up and that the train crash might not be an accident but a planned escape.

Those Who wish Me Dead

Staying Alive in Those Who Wish Me Dead

Thirteen year old Jace Wilson was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he saw the Blackwell Brothers murder and dump a body. Jace is the only witness to their crimes and with his life in grave danger…