Fairytale Romance Takes You Far Far Away

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal Are you as sick of series as I am?  Tired of having to wait 6 months or a year for the next book?  Are you looking for a stand-alone fantasy where fairytales come to life and romance waits in the wings?  Look no more!  Far Far Away by Tom […]

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Born of Illusion by Terri Brown

Anna and her mother are stars of the stage in 1920s New York. Anna is a skilled magician and her mother is a medium, seemingly able to conjure spirits in front of a live audience. But while Anna’s mother is the main attraction, and her act is mere illusion, Anna is the one with genuine […]

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It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh

It’s All Too Much, So Get it Together by Peter Walsh Are you tired of losing stuff in the black hole of your backpack and tripping over junk in your room? This book can help you get your life in order, even if your current organization method would best be described as “piles.” It’s All […]


Burning Questions About “The Hunger Games”

Chances are if you’re going to read The Hunger Games, you already have. Yet, the members of the library’s Teen Advisory Board decided to make a video based on the book to help those who need one last nudge to read it. In that video, they answer a few important questions about The Hunger Games […]


Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point by Kasie West Addie lives with her parents on a secret compound of people with paranormal abilities. Her power is the ability to tell her own future by doing a “search” in her mind. When she needs to make a choice, Addie can see her two possible futures and feel like she’s actually […]


Love in the time of supervillians

This is the kind of teen romance that is completely satisfying yet hints at the broader world as well.

Added bonus: it’s a superhero origin story.