In Theaters for March and April

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Hollywood movie releases tend to slow down at the beginning of each year. In fact, some believe the only films that debut in January and February are those expected to underperform at the box office. And since the summer blockbuster movie season now begins in May, I wonder what kinds of films come out in […]

my life next door

Escape with “My Life Next Door”

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This is a must-read boy-next-door romantic teen story, well-written, with compelling characters and real life family issues. Coming of age stories are always relevant because we are all making choices every day that determine who we are and who we become. Check it out – My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.


Dungeons & Dragons

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Has anyone ever asked you: “Do you want to be a fighter, a wizard, or a cleric?” If you answered “no,” then it’s time to play Dungeons & Dragons, a game that allows you to act out those adventure-bursting, dragon-slaying fantasies we all harbor. But if you have a hard time selecting a character type, […]


Showcase your talents at Open Mic Night

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I can tell that you are talented just by the way you’re reading this blog. I’m also sensing some suppressed angst because you haven’t found a platform to express your creativity properly. And let’s face it, posting videos to Youtube is still pretty cool, but you crave the excitement of the microphone and the heat of the […]


November and December Teen Movies

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This time of year, Hollywood typically launches many of its best films, hoping to catch the attention of Oscar voters. These potential Oscar-winning movies are mostly aimed at adults more than teens, as they tackle broad social/political themes.  But the young adult crowd can’t be ignored, and they still have a few new movies to look forward to at theaters, and more to […]