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Father, Son, and Basketball

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It’s March tournament time again.  I watched KU and/or K-State in the NCAA basketball tournament (even NIT) every year since the early to mid-1970’s with my dad.  As I got older, into my 20’s and 30’s, same thing, even if only one or two games, depending on my schedule and activities—my dad was always available […]


Uncommonly Good Books Round-up

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Librarians Dave and Nate write mostly about books guys dig. Their reviews appeal to the sports enthusiasts or even to readers simply fascinated by stories of perseverance, leadership and competition. Dave likes to throw in a few history books for your enjoyment too. Their blog Uncommonly Good Books Read by Two Common Guys is published periodically on If you’ve missed their previous posts, here’s a few we think you might like.

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Are you Ready for Some Basketball??

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So, the High School and Middle School seasons are winding down…you might be thinking about YMCA or Sports Zone ball….maybe Washburn Basketball or KU Basketball camp. With all of March to relax and enjoy the “Madness” that it brings, you’re  going to watch these amazing College Kids and dream big!  Use this month to inspire you […]

1932 Olympics

Kansan Opens Olympic Games

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Charles Curtis (1860-1936) is a superstar in the history of Topeka and the state of Kansas, having served the public in Congress as a representative and senator, then as vice president under Herbert Hoover. He had the honor of opening the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1932 on behalf of the president (Hoover, tied up […]

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Soccer Excitement in Kansas City

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Soccer fans in Kansas City have had a lot to be excited about recently. With the success of Sporting KC, visits from the Men’s and Women’s National teams, and the recent announcement of the MLS All-Star game, Kansas City has been the center of soccer’s attention in the United States. With all this happening there […]

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Bill Self – One of the Best in the Business

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KU fans were upset when Roy Williams left to coach at his alma mater, North Carolina. Enter Bill Self – the hottest coach on the market at that time. And although things started out a bit rough, especially in the NCAA Tournament, read further to see how Nate thinks Self has actually turned into an upgrade..