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American Indian Heritage Month featured artist: Roxanne Swentzell

In recognition of American Indian Heritage Month, I want to share the art of Santa Clara Pueblo artist Roxanne Swentzell with you. We’ll take a closer look at her sculpture called “Laughing at the Ducks”, which is part of the library’s permanent art collection. Then we’ll hit the road to see examples of her work in museums in Kansas City and Denver.

Sabatini Gallery Family Art Day

Family Art Day!

Sabatini Gallery Family Art Day. Take a break from shopping, eating turkey and watching football. Bring Grandpa, Aunt Mary, Cousin George and the kids. Build your own Winter Fantasy artwork or work together as a team! What will you create?

summery post woven glass

Woven Wonders

Woven glass—that’s right woven glass. We are all used to seeing woven rugs or woven blankets, but glass?


52 for 150: What’s So Special About Merrell Gage?

Happy Independence Day, America! For week 27 of our Kansas sesquicentennial video series we’re taking a closer look at Topeka native and renowned artist, Merrell Gage (1892-1981), “an alumni of the most sophisticated art schools, who turned for subject matter to the basics of American history, the stories of the western struggle, and the lives of heroes of the American soul. Gage portrayed and interpreted the freedom and dignity of the American experience through the medium of his art.”