HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 19 – Steampunk

Listen or download the library’s premier podcast – HUSH! In Episode 19, enjoy a discussion (22:17) about Steampunk – the books and movies that define the anachronistic genre characterized by goggles, airships, clockwork and of course, steam powered machines. Have you read any of our recommendations? Plus continue the discussion on the library’s Goodreads group!

It’s a Different World in The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

Werewolves terrorize London’s East End and the legend of Spring Heeled Jack seems to have come to life as young women are terrorized by a strange creature. Animals are genetically engineered for specific tasks. Strange and wonderful inventions allow for flight and other innovations. Something is not quite right …

The Award Winning Zoo City

This 2011 winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award is so many things- noir, urban, fantasy, and science fiction. It’s a wild ride about Zinzi December, a woman with a past and a sloth on her back- literally. In this alternate world those who have committed murder find themselves with an animal familiar. The animal is always nearby, and it’s hard to make it when the world sees your guilt, but Zinzi has a magical skill

There’s something Rotten in The Company Man

The McNaughton Corporation is a force in the world with their inventions like airships and guns, and in the center of it is the city they created, Evesden. A sprawling city teaming with people who are either trying to find their fortune or more likely have given up hope. In the middle of it all is Cyril Hayes, a man with a secret talent