The Man from Primrose Lane

The Mind Bending Ride of The Man from Primrose Lane

Akron, Ohio had the Every neighborhood seems to have someone that’s a little odd or eccentric and West man from Primrose Lane who wore mittens everyday through the heat of summer to the cold of winter. He lived in a rundown isolated house, and for the most part people left him alone and watched him from a distance until one day he was murdered.

episode 19 steampunk

HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 19 – Steampunk

Listen or download the library’s premier podcast – HUSH! In Episode 19, enjoy a discussion (22:17) about Steampunk – the books and movies that define the anachronistic genre characterized by goggles, airships, clockwork and of course, steam powered machines. Have you read any of our recommendations? Plus continue the discussion on the library’s Goodreads group!

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Fighting to Protect the Past from the Future in The Revisionists

Traveling back in time is very dangerous especially for the future, because one wrong move could change the future the time traveler came from. Zed is an agent whose job is to protect the future from historical agitators that want to stop major human tragedies of the past from occurring.

The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

It’s a Different World in The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

Werewolves terrorize London’s East End and the legend of Spring Heeled Jack seems to have come to life as young women are terrorized by a strange creature. Animals are genetically engineered for specific tasks. Strange and wonderful inventions allow for flight and other innovations. Something is not quite right …

Zoo City

The Award Winning Zoo City

This 2011 winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award is so many things- noir, urban, fantasy, and science fiction. It’s a wild ride about Zinzi December, a woman with a past and a sloth on her back- literally. In this alternate world those who have committed murder find themselves with an animal familiar. The animal is always nearby, and it’s hard to make it when the world sees your guilt, but Zinzi has a magical skill


The Sci Fi Thriller Debut of Mind Storm

After 250 years the world has not recovered from the nuclear war that has scarred humans and earth. There are still some humans with clean DNA but for others genetic mutations have given them powers beyond any human experience though at a cost. No longer considered human…