my life next door

Escape with “My Life Next Door”

This is a must-read boy-next-door romantic teen story, well-written, with compelling characters and real life family issues. Coming of age stories are always relevant because we are all making choices every day that determine who we are and who we become. Check it out – My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.

girls don't fly

Girls Don't Fly is a surprising and inspiring teen novel

Myra is so busy taking care of everyone in her family, that she doesn’t even think about herself — until her boyfriend dumps her and suddenly, more than anything, she wants to beat him for a spot on a research trip to the Galapagos Islands…

education of hailey kendrick

Teen romance and boarding school hijinks

The Education of Hailey Kendrick by Eileen Cook is a journey of self-discovery, in the form of a life spiraling out of control. Going along on her adventure, and her romance, is a ton of fun!


Arranged is a modern romance with a twist

The premise of this book both intrigued and repelled me. People choosing to pay big bucks to marry a stranger? Even with the year of marriage counseling and the foundation in friendship rather than love, I was skeptical of the whole affair. I mean, I like to read romance novels. And I didn’t really see how this was going to turn out satisfying for any of us, the readers or the characters.

art of duke hunting

The Art of Duke Hunting is a witty regency romp

His Grace Roman Montagu has just woken up, completely terrified, and tied to the rail of a ship named The Drake during a terrible storm –and the arrival of the Countess of Derby on the deck quickly takes things from bad to worse! Pick up this historical romance set in the Regency England, where Prinny himself makes a cameo appearance to twist the plot. The Art of Duke Hunting is a highly recommended and very enjoyable sensual historical romance.


It’s time to prepare for the big dance — by reading The Anti-Prom!

The Anti-Prom by Abby McDonald is a hilarious adventure caper that takes place on that night of all memorable high school nights — prom night. The Anti-Prom is available as a printed book in the YA Fiction section of the library and it’s also available as an ebook for checkout and download from