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The powerful researcher

Students struggling to find a citation or the average Joe with a not-so-average thirst for knowledge: Take note! We have a database you’ll want to wade into and use again and again.


Teen Winter Reading Books

Read about a few of the award winning and most popular Young Adult books published in 2014. Whether your interests are beautiful literary works, suspenseful dramas or funny romances, these books will make the time fly.


10 Ways To Finish Summer Reading Strong

Hey reading champions, fuel up for the last round of summer reading fun! These blog posts give you tricks to keep you or your child motivated to keep up the Summer Reading. As the summer winds down, maintain your reading habits with these tips.

Set a Reading Record!

Take Our Read Between the Times Challenge

Just how much can our community read in four hours? We’re going to need your help to find out. Cozy up with a good book, or even a dog, and read with us. Bring your friends and family! Everyone can help us make reading history.


Born of Illusion by Terri Brown

Anna and her mother are stars of the stage in 1920s New York. Anna is a skilled magician and her mother is a medium, seemingly able to conjure spirits in front of a live audience. But while Anna’s mother is the main attraction, and her act is mere illusion, Anna is the one with genuine […]


Burning Questions About “The Hunger Games”

Chances are if you’re going to read The Hunger Games, you already have. Yet, the members of the library’s Teen Advisory Board decided to make a video based on the book to help those who need one last nudge to read it. In that video, they answer a few important questions about The Hunger Games […]