Spirits of Oz Chapter 10 by L J Williams

Spirits of Oz Chapter 10

Lola and Nico must complete their quest to save their parents’ television show…and maybe even the world.

Chapter 6 by Roxanna Namey

Spirits of Oz Chapter 6

Nico and Lola are moving closer to their goal, but a supernatural force is slowing their progress. With a bit of luck and help from a new friend, they just might cross a couple of items off of the list.

The Taken

A Fallen Angel in The Taken

About fifty years ago Grif was murdered and became a type of angel, a Centurion, who helped the recently deceased move on to the next step, the Everlast. Then he made a mistake that changed the future and fated a young woman, Kit, to die before her time. As a punishment he’s lost his wings…

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Debut Paranormal Series

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