New Sports Books Sept. '11

Check Out Our Newest Sports Books

Check out some of the newest sports titles we have added to our collection. From baseball to poker, we have something of interest for fans of just about any sport.

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HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 9

HUSH – Listen to a conversational podcast (37:59). Christina Callison book talks some historical non-fiction, Mary Campbell discusses the popular Friends of the Library Booksales and Booktique and Nate Hohl promotes Sports Trivia and Fantasy Football programs.Plus, Lissa and Thad announce exciting changes coming to HUSH. Subscribe to HUSH via iTunes.

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The Simple Frittata

Say “Hello!” to an easy-to-prepare meal that you can make with fresh vegetables and leftovers you might have. Go local and use farm-fresh eggs to make this meal even better.

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In the Garden of Beasts

Erik Larson’s Latest Book

Best-selling author Erik Larson returns with an emotional narrative about a family that unknowingly steps into the dangers of a turbulent Germany. Hitler had just become the chancellor, and violence grows as the struggle for power continues. The old Germany was gone and a new reality emerged that carried with it suspicion and the threat of death.