The Award Winning Mysteries of Reed Farrel Coleman

Secrets can fester and grow, and Moe Prager’s secret hovers over him like death waiting to drop. He and his brother own wine shops, but in Moe’s heart he is still a cop. Though he had to leave the force, he occasionally works as a private investigator. It’s through his work as a PI that he met his wife; it’s also how he got his secret.

Susans beware in Stalking Susan

Television news is a cut throat business and the competition is intense. Riley Spartz, an investigative reporter, is not quite as young or as pretty as her boss, though the worst part is that her boss thinks cute heartwarming stories are the way to go for the ratings not investigative stories especially about murder. Riley is determined…

The Thrilling Nordic Crime Novel- The Boy in the Suitcase

A young mother, Sigita, wakes confused and in the hospital. One of the last things she remembers before everything blacks out is a strange woman giving her young son chocolate. Frantic, Sigita realizes she was drugged so her son could be abducted, and now he is missing.

The Insightful Holding Lies: A Novel

The river and the steelhead trout are Hank Hazelton’s life, and he’s been a guide taking clients into the beauty of the northwest to fish in the river’s waters. It may seem like a simple life based on the flow of water and the return of the fish, but nothing could be further from the truth.