David Freed’s New Mystery Series Featuring A Flying Detective

Pilot and flight instructor Cordell Logan is down on his luck with his last student quitting and bills piling up, and it seems that things couldn’t get any worse until his ex-wife Savannah contacts him and wants his help. Her husband, Arlo, was murdered, but Cordell isn’t too distraught since Arlo was Cordell’s friend who broke up Cordell’s marriage.

Cordell has no intention of getting involved with the murder investigation though Savannah is convinced that the murder has something to do with Cordell’s and Arlo’s past…

Knowing Too Much is Deadly in Hard Knocks

PI Jack Reilly is short on cash so when Bucky, a friend of Jack’s incarcerated brother, wants to meet with the investigator Jack goes against his better judgment and agrees. Unfortunately, Jack made the wrong decision because Bucky is a blackmailer and wants Jack to be the backup for the information so the victim of the blackmail couldn’t just kill Bucky and have the information die with Bucky. Jack doesn’t want anything to do with it, but it’s too late – Bucky gets murdered and the information is on its way to Jack.

The Gritty Purgatory Chasm

Conway Sax has been a lot of things from an expert auto mechanic to a race car driver and finally an ex-con. One thing that hasn’t changed about Conway is his loyalty, especially to the Barnburners, an Alcoholics Anonymous group that saved Conway’s life. So when Barnburner member Tander Phigg needs help getting his car back from a mechanic, Conway is there. Unfortunately, before Conway can get the car back Tander is murdered.

Fly Fishing, Noir, and Murder in The Royal Wulff Murders

This is big sky country with its beautiful mountains, clear rivers, and murder. Newcomer Sean Stranahan has gone there to paint watercolors and fly fish, but his past experience as a private investigator puts him in the path of the mysterious singer Velvet Lafayette. She has an odd request for him that he can’t refuse, and inevitably she links him to a recent homicide.