The Ways of the Dead

Power and Murder in The Ways of the Dead

A teenage girl is murdered in Washington D.C. but this is no ordinary case because she was the daughter of an important judge who is considered to be the next Supreme Court judge. The killing makes national news and puts newspaper reporter Sully Carter on the case.


Murder in the Vineyard in Grapes of Death

Elise Becketts’s family’s vineyard is being threatened by the black sheep of the family, Uncle Edmond, who is causing a stink after being excluded from Elsie’s father’s will. Edmond wants a big piece of the vineyard to sell…


Rural Noir in Dry Bones in the Valley

Officer Henry Farrell is still in mourning when he returns home to rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Things have changed since Farrell had been away with the sprouting up of meth labs and newfound wealth from gas drilling, but despite the changes Farrell’s job as an officer was routine until he discovers a murdered young man.

Gam, Set, and Murder

Following The Clues in Game, Set, and Murder

As Wimbledon’s tournament begins the anticipation and excitement are disrupted by the murder of the former tennis star and coach Petar Belic. No one seems to know who would want to kill Petar…


Stalking a Killer in Southside

Gang violence is part of the backdrop of the city and has stopped making the news, but gang reporter Michael Lyons is shot on the street and becomes the news. He survives the attack but is not unscathed…

Murder and Moonshine

Death in a Small Town in Murder and Moonshine

Daisy, a waitress at the H & P, hadn’t seen the recluse Fred Dickerson for years until he burst into the diner and died. It was a suspicious death and the little town in Virginia was abuzz with the news and gossip if it was murder and who did it. Daisy realizes that if Fred was murdered…