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Digital Library Resources for Kids

Whether you got a teen or a toddler in your family, access a wide range of online digital resources at home, school, or work at no cost using your library card.

learn a language this summer

Learn a Language Online this Summer

Spend some time on yourself this summer with online language learning tools without the price tag of products like Rosetta Stone. Muzzy! will help young children learn, even if they can’t read, and Mango is a comprehensive language program for adults.


Try Muzzy: An Online Language Learning Program for Kids

A new program available via this website, called Muzzy, will help your child learn a new language. It’s free to access; All you need is a library card. Try it. The library has signed a one-year subscription that gives you and your child 24/7 access to 26 different learning modules that provide kids with an […]

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