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Plan a Fall Vacation in Maine

Now that fall is almost upon us, my travel thoughts turn to the east coast where my father’s family is from. One of my fondest memories of visiting relatives back east is a camping trip to Maine, Old Orchard Beach to be exact, with my cousins and my Maine-iac uncle. Old Orchard Beach is know for its beach and amusement parks but that’s not all a vacation in Maine has to offer, not by a long shot!

When We Were the Kennedys

Lost in the Stacks: When We Were the Kennedys

Monica’s Mexico wasn’t the sunny land south of the border, her Mexico was a small town in Maine dominated by a paper mill that paid the bills and poisoned the water.  Her Mexico was a place of hardworking fathers, immigrants or sons of immigrants, who toiled in the mill while mothers kept house in “blocks” […]

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