Dancing Through It

Lost in the Stacks – Dancing Through It

First it was gentle hints, then it was concerned talks, finally it was outright threats of dismissal: lose the weight or lose your job. And that’s how Jenifer Ringer ended up an overweight, out of work, deeply depressed, ex-ballerina.


Lost in the Stacks: Forever and Ever, Amen: Becoming a Nun in the Sixties

In 1963 Karol “Suds” Jackowski was a fun-loving, hard-drinking high school girl who had prayed earnestly that if a vocational “call” from Heaven to join the sisterhood ever came, the call would be for someone else (preferably a girl she didn’t like). Thus Karol, an indifferent scholar who reveled in the social hub of high […]

For the Benefit of Those Who See

Lost in the Stacks – For the Benefit of Those Who See

A waft of incense. The blaring of televisions. Broken pavement under foot. As the two blind, teen-aged girls led blindfolded Rosemary Mahoney through the streets of Lhasa, Tibet, Rosemary began to understand what a deep connection the blind have with the physical world.