Superimposed Chapter 16 by Crystal K Green

Superimposed Chapter 16

Only 5 weeks to go in this collaboratively written novel. This chapter connects the dots between intriguing scenes in Joe Grimaldi’s past…yet still leaves a surprising cliffhanger ending!

Superimposed Chapter 15 by Liv Howard

Superimposed Chapter 15

As the plot thickens, Holly is sent on an overseas journey, but her destination and her traveling companion are both called into question by suspicious circumstances.

Superimposed Chapter 14 by Annette Komma

Superimposed Chapter 14

As the plot gets more complicated, the authors can fill in more of the characters’ mysterious pasts. This week, five distinct flashback scenes connect the mysteries of the past to the present.

Chapter 7 by Romualdo Chavez

Spirits of Oz Chapter 7

The dark spirit continues to haunt Nico and Lola. When they call out for help from the Albino Lady, will they get an answer?

Superimposed Chapter 13 by Mari White

Superimposed Chapter 13

In this week’s chapter, a dead body is abandoned in favor of a quick escape, but the destination of the airplane is in question, when Pesha asks Holly to trust him. Don’t miss this community-written adventure!