Watercolor painting by Third grade Art Club student

Inspiration from a Master

A New Day, A New Artist,  A New Art Medium This week in Art Club at Lowman Hill the third graders were introduced to the finer art of watercolor.  This art medium takes a lighter approach and finer motor skills which the students have been working up to all year. The Master Artist we looked […]

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Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting

“It’s not traditional art, it’s not fine art and I don’t try and tell anyone that it is.” –Bob Ross The Happy Painter “If I ran home, I got to watch Bob Ross!” –Jason Talbot Co-founder, Artists for Humanity Bob Ross was a fixture on public television for years. His show The Joy of Painting […]


52 for 150: What’s So Special About Robert Sudlow and Horace Eubank?

We’re well into Kansas summer with its inescapable geographic beauty, so for week 26 of our Kansas sesquicentennial video series we’re honoring the memories of renowned Kansas landscape artist, Robert Sudlow (1920-2010) and one of his most devoted patrons and generous TSCPL benefactor, Horace Eubank (1918-2005).

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