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Consider Safety When Choosing Gifts for Children

It would be too easy as a librarian to just recommend: “Buy all of the kids on your shopping list some wonderful age-appropriate books!” Use these tips from trusted health information resources to have a safe and healthy holiday!

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Recycled, Upcycled Holiday

The holiday season is a perfect time to experiment with making recycled and upcycled gifts and decorations. When you give a gift made from recycled materials, you are not only giving a thoughtful handmade gift – you are also giving a gift with a teensy-weensy carbon footprint! And who doesn’t love that?

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A love song for libraries

Nothing’s as sweet as reading to the beat! Take a listen to a little ditty called Library Time – a celebration of everything awesome about your library!

Word Cloud of Animal Names

Summer Reading Tip #6: Cheep! Moo! Roar!

Does your kid love animals?  If so, then you have an easy way to hook your kids on books.  Fiction and non-fiction books about animals abound; we have plenty to offer to your future veterinarian. The Adventuremobile brings a new animal to show-and-tell to your kids every week.  From crawdads to baby chicks to cool […]

3 Children reading picture books

Summer Reading Tip #5: Never Too Old for Picture Books!

One major milestone in your child’s growth as a reader is when they are finally ready for chapter books.  Kids are excited to be reading “big kid” books, and it’s exciting for parents to see their kids start to enjoy longer, more complex books. As important as this milestone is, sometimes kids get the idea that […]

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Summer Reading Tip #2: Link it to Another Fun Activity

School just ended and Summer Reading has begun.  Have your kids started keeping track of their time spent reading?  Just twelve short hours (which works out to just over 10 minutes per day) will earn your kid or teen a treasure trove of prizes, a free book, and an entry into the grand prize drawing […]