If you liked The Help, you’ll love Calling Me Home

This debut novel is an historical romance, a contemporary romance, and a compelling issues novel about civil rights and women’s rights all tied up in an emotional page turner that will keep you hooked until the last page and leave you wishing it hadn’t ended so soon. In the author acknowledgements at the end she reminds the reader of her book’s message about racism and prejudice: “It’s up to you to be the change.” Reading fiction lets us explore other people’s lives with empathy. Read this book and be the change.

Michael Koryta’s Latest Supernatural Thriller

An early morning phone call asks Chief Deputy Kimble which he would prefer to investigate- a homicide or a suicide. Later, Wyatt French is discovered shot. French was something of an eccentric who drank too much but was known for building a lighthouse not by the ocean but in the mountains of Kentucky.