Yankee Stadium

Let's Talk Pine Tar

Recently at Kauffman Stadium the Kansas City Royals hosted “Pine Tar Night” as a promotion for one of their games. It’s safe to say that at least half the stadium probably wasn’t even alive for the Pine Tar Home Run or at least weren’t old enough to remember it when it happened. Occurring against the […]

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The Comforts of Home When You’re Away from Home

If you don’t have time for a long vacation but need some time away, think about spending a day or two at a bed and breakfast. More personal than a motel, these accommodations are geared toward hospitality and making your time there relaxing and restful.

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New York Yankees v Kansas City Royals

A Day at the Ballpark

As a sports fan growing up in Kansas, I went to plenty of Kansas City Royals games as a kid. I’m just old enough to remember Royals greats like George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, Frank White, and so on. (I don’t remember Amos Otis or Freddie Patek, sorry.) I remember actually expecting the Royals to contend […]

Kansas City

Kansas City: A Top Destination for 2012

This year Kansas City made Frommer’s Top 10 Best Destination Trips of 2012. Their museums alone made the list, but there are so many attractions that should be mentioned for an adult outing to learning about history to fun trips for the whole family. It may be time to rethink Kansas City as a vacation destination!

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